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League Rules

Frederick County Team Fall Ball Rules

 COACH QUESTION: How does my team register?

After a coach registers with the league, each team member must go online and register as an individual before the deadline.

 COACH QUESTION: Can my team still participate in the Fall Ball Team League if I only have 9 players register?

Starting, September 2 the team league registrar will place players without a team on teams that do not have a full roster. (minimum of 10 players and maximum of 13 players per team) NOTE: On September 2, the league also reserves the right to replace a team without a full roster with a team from the waiting list.

 COACH QUESTION: Can I coach in two different divisions? (example: Boys Jr and Boys Senior)

Yes, please be sure to notify the league registrar in advance so that we can make schedule adjustments before the coach’s meeting. Also, please make arrangements in advance with a parent/assistant to coach one of the teams if both games take place at the same time.

 COACH QUESTION: Should I notify someone if I'm interested in coaching a team this coming year?

 COACH QUESTION: If I have a lot of players that will be absent on game day can I ask a player that's not on my roster to play?

No, coaches may only have kids participate on game day that have officially registered online (which includes a wavier) with our team league no later than the first game of the season.

 COACH QUESTION: If I need to forfeit because I don't have 5 players on game day or I’m unable to coach on game day, what do I need to do?

If you’re unable to coach on a particular day, please make plans to have a parent step in for you. If you have less than 5 players on game day, please call Coach Connolly at 301-514-7677 ASAP. Please do not wait until the last minute to cancel, out of respect to the other team.

 PLAYER QUESTION: Can I register online as an individual without a team?

No, a player may not register online without a coach/team.

 PLAYER QUESTION: What if I don't belong to one of the registered teams?

If you would like to join an existing team, please register to be placed on our waiting list. NEED TO INSERT LINK  This does NOT guarantee placement. The waiting list is provided to coaches weekly during the sign-up period. If they are in need of an extra player then they will contact you. The selection process is strictly at the coaches discretion.


 COACH QUESTION: What if an odd number of teams register for a particular league how does the schedule work?

Teams are randomly picked to have a BYE in the schedule.

 QUESTION: What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Fall Ball, contact Coach Connolly at